Thursday, October 29, 2015

This is Halloween!

Tidbit: This Is Halloween
Definitely watched Nightmare Before Christmas this fine morning. Which was inspired by my last week's dive into appliqué  hexagons. Oh man.

 I bammed out this pumpkin, appliqued it to a piece of hand dyed fabric, then thought: Damn! That was quick. Foolishly quick. Nay absurdly. Therefore it needed a wee bit of something more. Obviously.
I don't have an armory of embroidery techniques, but the basics worked out great.
I did intend for the dark purple script to be more washed out to maintain the pumpkin's focal. Which it is. However some such folk believe some dimensional highlighting should be added. TBA
But, why stop.
More hand dyed.  
I don't know what I'm to do with this, but I made a dang ton more of the little beasties.
Tidbit: Watercolor Experiments
First I played with salt
Then I played with Saran wrap 
Then I did BOTH 
It was fun...
Tidbit 3: Water Pen Butterfly from the sketch

Mr. Butterfly's model, I named him April. A leopard lacewing Cethosia cyane.
It comes to us from last year's 2014 calendar, smartly titled: Butterflies. Guess what month! I love calendar photos because they're vibrantly colored, glossy and Dang Huge.  
It's sitting on lavender. (At least, he's sitting on lavender in the actual photo.)
Happy Tidbitting!

Monday, October 19, 2015

October midStride Part 2 watercolor

Oh the places Pinterest can lead you!
This lady is my new hero. I stumbled upon her blog page via Pinterest. Essentially anytime anyone says, "I'm not creative" and I think that's complete crap I tend to lack anything useful to add, other then that's complete crap,  which I believe to be 100% true. Also just do it isn't really helpful either. Especially when I find those words epically hypocritical. I can now point and say "Here...Her". Art is experimenting and repetition and this delightful woman's blog is the epitome of that. She's doing all kinds of different things and constantly doing them.

Besides her general awesomeness, her Aug 6 2012 article introduced me to the Water Pen or Water Brush. I don't have art classes under my belt. So I suppose, actual artists might see the Water brush as just another no-big-deal tool. I see the Holy Grail of watercolor painting.

It's a brush, shaped like a pen, that holds water in the pen stalk which you squeeze to bring agua down the bristles. HOLY GRAIL

She also mentioned Crayola paint. Uh. I have Crayola.
AND I keep seeing people ink over watercolor. Freaking Pinterest. But I've been doing a lot of zentangle type doodling. Who's to say I  not try to watercolor paint a flower, then just draw a flower over the not awesome painted flower? Okay

Tidbit: Water brushing
I literally said Holy Crap! outloud. I've seen plenty of videos of flowers and people adding pen and me thinking...pff I can't do that.
 It's also loose (which has taken me 28 years to do) and something I just made out of my head rather then trying to use a model (which never goes well). I am dumbfounded. A fluke perhaps. So...again!

Tidbit: Poppy field model of a horded Calendar.

 Tidbit: Brain autumn tree with a pumpkin patch and hopefully
                               the background isn't complete deuce.
I give it an 'A' for effort and...Not an 'A' for, well, everything else. It reminds me of my middle school watercolor days...if perhaps mildly better. Mildly.
But, add some Pigma Micron and the heinous is markedly lower, like magic!
It's like coloring in a colorbook backwards. You add pen where the color changes. Rather then add color inbetween the lines. Magic.
 Happy Tidbitting!
Never end the experiments!


October midStride: Part 1

Oh Man October.
Part 1
The TidBite that started it all.....
This was an ongoing page in my Mixed Media  Canson sketch book.  I started it merely as an inspiration catch, or a "just start for F*** Sake!" page. As I've discovered, any creative process can be stonewalled when you haven't been arting your art in a while. I'll stare at a piece of paper and ask myself "now what?". I don't know? I can't draw that, it's too hard! BAH!!
...It escalates quickly.
 I broke up this paper and slowly just filled in the varying polygons, with whatever. The checked polygons were the focal, and finished last. When I sat down with this tidbit, I finished it 15 minutes later. I wasn't ready to be done. I was in pj's, forest was gaming, we were enjoying our rapt silence four inches apart.

TidBite: Halloween cards
Therefore, I busted out my stamps, ink and cards. In September I got my stamp carving on. I podged these cards last year in preparation for Halloween then...nothing for 12 months...
The wee witch's hat was free hand carved stamp and the initial focal of my scraped Prevalence of Witches modge.
This is black speedball ink, that I blotched around the edge. Then I used a micron pen for the webs and, because done isn't good enough, I found oil pastels and did swirly ghost-like....swirls. 
I lurv them!

This thrust me into my present Tidbit stide that I'm loving. Work is down and Art is up!
 Got on a boat soooo.....
Tidbit: Steaming at Sea
 Started with the little pumpkins and it evolved into a single giant JackOLantern.
Then... I found this gem online and thought, Yesssss. 

Doodling into a real shape...uuuuhhh.
New life experiences: spray painting a pumpkin, drawing on a spray-painted pumpkin. It's goofy, but I love it. If there were to be a next time, I wouldn't use a sharp point Sharpie.  It made this harder then I think it should have been and is what causes a sketch look over the bumps of the pumpkin. 

In person, it's pretty nifty. In this photo it nearly looks like a Pinterest Fail. Ha.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Oh the many TidBites of September!

September was crazy insanely busy.
So much so, that now it's  October. But that's okay. October is superior!
Shrimping was pretty much the same damn thing...over and over and over. I did receive a few reprieves.  Some baby rougheyes for example. When identifying a new species of rockfish, you look at the headspine count.  The photo below shows the headspines of a juvenile Rougheye Rockfish. The count is one of the first steps in narrowing down the ID. This photo you can see all eight spines which is unusual (for me off Oregon) since many species are lacking HS 6.
Nerd alert over.
Tidbit 1: Sketching with pencil on Rite in the Rain paper.
 It (Rite n Rain) doesn't take to erasing, much like pen. So I went about drawing in a zentangle type of fashion. I was pretty proud that I didn't get all eraser happy. My first trip I read the whole third novel of Diana Gabaldon's. This was my second week at sea.

It got a little morbid when I saw the eye balls, but I still really like it.
Tidbit2: Field sketching cont.
This is a shiner surf perch. It's scales were odd to attempt being more horizontal in layout then grid-like.


TidBite1Oceanic Advent Calendar. (fully lacking any actual religious affiliation.)
Last year I saw an awesome calendar on the Pinterest.(yep) Each day is an ornament; that is placed an a mini tree.  Their version was all white, and classic, and beautiful. My ornaments are all going to be beaded what-nots with a marine theme. Obviously.
I was making a frame to hang these loverly jute bags (a garland from Michael's from last season) (which will contain the ornaments) but then recently came across this fantastical wood frame instead. So the last frame is scrapped, hard. In the mean time, I'd made two said ornaments then moved my house and lost everything into packing. Well, shortly after I bought the frame, my bead pieces reappeared! So this morning, I made two more! ...only 21 days, worth of what equates to single earrings, to go. Gah.

TidBite2: Knitting!

Really this is making me look like I've got Christmas on the brain. I'm knitting a baby hat for a to-be-born-in-December fetus. Of which I know not the gender. Variegated grey for the win! It's father is a fisherman. It only made sense.

TidBite3: Stamp carving
I started working on some Halloween and Christmas stamps for my coming postcards! I'm way to stoked about the holidays...

Happy Tidbitting!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Field sketching

Creature Feature Week.

I was out observing on a shrimp deck this week, and a bar in their grate excluder was busted out. As a result I got to see some larger critters for the first time in a few months. The monotony of seeing the same damn thing week after week gets old. I don't know how some people do that. BUT

Tidbit 1: Creature feature!
Above: Yellowtail Rockfish Represent. This is a an average size fish. Way the eF too large for a shrimp trawl when excluders are functioning properly.
Below: A middle sized Spiny dogfish shark. He was feeling picturesque.

Tidbit 2: Field sketching

Field sketches are the best kind of practice. You don't have all day, the critter is either moving or decaying (seriously, fish drying out is deeply irritating.) There is a need for speed, of which I am a work in progress.

Below is a Dwarf Wrymouth (which was ironically much harder to draw then the Pink shrimp below it). Notice my excessive erasing. Rite-in-the-rain paper doesn't take to erasing for crap. The dude looks a little cartoony, which is unfortunate. But, wrymouths are goofy anyway. I could see the striation of the muscle tissue beneath the skin, as these guys dont' have scales, which is what that weird cross hatching is about. They are actually very smooth and rubbery looking. My representation is...lacking.
Below, the second head sketch is a better representation of the extreme oddity that the wrymouth is.
These folks are drawn to size.  
Meet the Intact version of your tiny salad shrimps.
I've always wanted to try my hand at a little shrimpy. But I never think to save one aside. I found a strangely intact critter on the deck after we were done and cleaned up. Segmented bodies are easier to draw as there are a lot of separate pieces to tease apart which can be sized against each other . Unlike a smooth fish which is one Long piece. It causes a proportional nightmare ( in my world )when visually trying to down-size it, like the Pollock below, to get it on the blasted page.

The Pollock was drawn on Dura-rite "paper" which is actually the far superior version of Rite-in-the-rain. I was recently in Powell's in Portland and saw a miniscule Dura-rite pad to buy. It was dumbly small. Expensive too. So that didn't go down. It's straight-up smooth plastic that erases like a dream when wet. This is a NMFS Spp ID sheet, so I cut off the verbiage. But this "paper" is what we use on deck so as not to ruin our raw data while working.
Now if only I could get my hands on a ream of 8x12 blank Dura-rite. A lady can dream...

I'm going out on the same vessel tomorrow. Hopefully we'll see some more interesting kids.

Happy Tidbitting!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tidbit Reboot!

Tibit Reboot!

Mid August I had the opportunity to attend the national American Fisheries Society conference. It was all pretty amazing. I met a pretty rad fellow observer from the north pacific who, by way of her awesomeness has spurred me on to reboot some art regularity. Her artistic fancies veer towards filmography and she mentioned she was conducting a clip a day as an exercise. Proof that any medium can have a one-a-day exercise to spur creativity.

In the spirit I've been doing some painting and graphite drawing. Alas the painting is not quite there yet...but paint is that way. I've been doing various things off and on

But I busted out the sketch book while I loitered on the Eddie and Rod while they repaired an alternator.

Tidbit Notebook rite-in-the-rain style
This is a ...rendition... of the E&R Shrimp starboard door system.


California sea lions. Heinous, loud, barking and brown. But the more the merrier when trying to draw and animal in action.
A really bad version of a boat sitting in dock. I don't ever draw...or try to draw boats. The Kylie Lynn is actually a really long and slender vessel. This, mmm...squatty version, is not the kylie lynn.
Tibit2: Creature feature! Flatfish edition

 Above from top to bottom is a Flathead sole, Slender sole, and Rex sole. These are all common bottom fish of the pacific northwest. Rex are a moderate part of the groundfish fishery while slender and typically flathead are just bycatch. 

Hopefully I'll have some paintings done soon. I've got one I've been working on for the last three weeks. Just today I painted fabric...sort of. Hand dyed fabric craft day with the ma in Eugene!
I lurv it!
happy tidbitting

Friday, August 29, 2014

From Boat too Bay too Stoop.

Good day 

Meet Mr. Octopus. He and I met on the 15th. We became long lost friends before he had to get back to his dark rock, at 70ish fathoms, to nap.
Tidbit: A day at Sunset Bay

This month I actually got some field drawing in. I need to force that more often. I'm so lazy though. I also discovered that the 360 degree option on my camera has a 120 degree suboption. Meet the left 120 degrees of Sunset bay in Charleston.

Part of my problems with field drawing is 'what do i freaking draw that's simple enough for me not to hang?'
This time, I just picked things and went for it. Que feather, flock of devil birds, and some anemones.
Drawing birds while they're in flock-mode is now officially the only way I can fathom to start sketching birds. They're  twitchy, but more then 5 and you'll find a different bird in the exact same position as the original. 

Secondly, I'm not really a landscape girl. But since I was tidepool deep, I figured why not go for the gold. Distance between objects left something to be desired. I guess that falls under practice.

 Tidbit: Experimentation
I saw a pic on the interweb and thought...drawing? Tattoo? Who knows. Yesterday's destractifications.

 And below is from today. I am over "Summer". Therefore, in my world I have declared it October. I'm pretty sure forest rolled his eyes over the phone at yesterday's decleration.
  Yesterday and today I concocted pumpkin spice coffee. Today I cleaned a corner in my living room to put up a fallish-halloweeny quilt and therefore had to dig/move/touch every piece of art supply that was in my way. Pastels (which I never know what i'm doing with) met a lovely pad of black Strathmore Artagain drawing paper which I've likely owned for 2 years and not tapped yet. I have an art hoarding condition.

Random Aside:
 Before I met Mr. octopus, there was a lovely sunset. What up. No filter. One of my favorite aspects to this job.

A juvenile YellowEye Rocfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) which I was equally super excited and sad to see. They are under the overfished category. But they're gorgeous fish. As babies they're bright red and orange and slowly change to bright yellow as they age, loosing their stripes and darkness in their fins. Almost all the rockfish species in our area don't have major changes in there physical markings like loosing stripes from juvi to adult sizes.
I might have gotten a little fancy with
TidBite: Hurray for scarf completion! My newest  favorite accessory. (which isn't much of a list)
...for a photo, it oddly looked best against my nasty cement steps. Yay grey. I guess.

Photo Bomb Post! 
Happy Tidbitting