Wednesday, September 20, 2017



The most recent newsletter of Word On The Waves, a publication of the Fisheries Observation Science Program at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, did a small blurb on my flowers coloring book! These are the folks I work with. I told my friend and debriefer about my book and he went and spilled the beans. I'm humbled that he did.

I looked it up on the NOAA website, but alas it's not up yet, so I'm unable to just direct you all to it. So I took a clip of it!

Thank you everyone who's been so supportive of my crafting career! This summer was a beast, but I'm back to work on my Ocean Coloring book...kind of.

I, also, noticed that I had reviews on Amazon...?! AND one of them was a stranger!! I shouldn't be so excited. But it's pretty amazing.

I'd also like to thank Amanda Studer. She snapped a great selfie of us, which I gave to Rebecca for the article.

Enjoy the second half of September everyone. I'll be at sea for the next week!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Somehow there was art in the storm of work.

That Time I wrote a post and failed to send it into the webs.
I believe this was from July? Face Palm.

It's been a busy beaver kind of summer. Shrimp fishing has been going strong, and new to us as observers, is getting on with local Halibut Openers. That's been super interesting...but time consuming. Between jumping boats, jumping fisheries, and the implosion of my sanity, the last three months overall has been the anti-productivity.

Buut, I'm working on tiny things. There is a huge thing I need to scoop into. But if I get more than two days at home, it's a freaking unicorn. Alas, everyting I've been doing is fast small stuff that can be done on the go. Not, sitting and painting and being lucrative. THIS WEEK I WILL GET THAT DONE. tba. (Update: I didn't get that done)

Tidbit: Coloring book volume two. 
I was making good time on my next coloring book. (I was) Fish edition. But whoa, my real job shut that down hard in the last two weeks.
But that's okay. I'm getting close. Most of those are more...whimsical... and less realistic.
However, I've that Lingcod follow up done!

Tidbit: Watercoloring

I've been hording watercolor postcards since before the dawn of time.
All this black and white pen drawing clogs up the inspiration. After about 20 pages I have to start stretching my brain for new ideas. Good, but it's easier to put down and wander away. Sticking to a schedule helps me to push through the clog, but it's still a difficult thing. Since work added to the angst, I bust out my waterbrush on my last shrimp boat.

I thought they all turned out kind of cool in their own way. No drawing, but straight brush to paper. Good exercise in exact brush strokes. Also, rainbow rockfish??...I've got to spin that into something.

Tidbit 3! My failing garden! 

One thing isn't totally half surviving. My chamomile! Freaking amazing. Our back yard is literally as hot at the surface of the sun in the midafternoon. It' good.
The cham is totally into it. It's probably because I'm not choking the damn roots with either not enough space, nutrients, or water. Like my tomatoes. bah.

Next year, ect. ect.


The next two weeks are dedicated to some of my ladies. Let the showers commence! After I build things. Giant connect four things specifically...TBA. 

Craft well

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lingcod and flowers

Blogging is difficult when I don't feel like I've done anything worth Blogging about.
Work is back! And It's made me sick. You know, the usual.

Tidbit of Home improvement! Back yard edition.
Water collection wine barrel. Check.  I have a video. But I guess I'm not so savvy as to show it. hhLame.
Put up siding, a gutter, and sawed some holes. The spout lines directly into the barrel, but we were visually checking it and rinsing out the inside. Fermenty.
This is primarily Forest's creation. He found the barrel, did the legwork and beautified our roof line! I supervised, pointed, and helped hold the super long pieces sticking out from the chop saw.  

Tidbit of Photography:

Lingcod Face
 I wanted a good mouth photo for a color page drawing. The internet failed me. SO, I took my own.

Pacific side of Seal Rock, Oregon
 My last shrimp trip was slow. The fishing was good and the bycatch super low (always nice to see.), aka slow for me. So obvi I crafted instead.

Tidbit of cards:
I took my waterbrush and little water color pallet along with my coloring book sketch book. I don't know what I plan to do with these. I guess send them. lol
Did ten of them, three color pages, read 2.5 books and was bored around day four. Right?

Don't see this week's trip being the same. Watch me sleep away the rest of june trying to get UnSick.

Morgan Golding Designs

Adding a fancy title to everything makes things fancy. Insider secrets. hhplease.

I think I'm going to take my watercolor postcard stack that I've been hoarding (for years?), tonight. Cause...this is gunna by a long'en.
Tidbit 3 Website?

Boldly going where things are horrifying! I am building a website, and if you're super tricky, you can find it. (This is my accountability notice.)
But I'm not giving any hints. It's goal is to be done by the end of the summer. Spawned by the existence of this coloring book dallying, it seemed appropriate. Also, what in sweet hell have I done!? It's getting to a good place now, if basic, but the mobil phone factor is still uber wonky. (tech terms)
To Sea For Me
Happy Tidbitting

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thanks to ALLLL!

Wow Holy Whoa.
Oh my goodness, the love has been incredible, and down-right amazing. I wanted to officially thank every single one of you who've purchased and/or expressed positive love and vibes for my coloring book creation and venture! It was quite a journey and I'm pretty proud. Everyone has been so supportive! Who knew an experiment could end up so well! When I found createspace, I never thought of where it could lead after I uploaded the file. So, again, thank you thank you Thank You!
If you have a book I encourage snapping a colored pic and popping it on fb. I want to see! It's pretty novel for me, and I think all folks are creative, no matter your own views on the subject. Color!
First guy I took a coloring whack at after it was bound.

I know it's waay too soon, but since I keep getting asked, "are you going to do an ocean one?!" I thought I'd officially announce that YES I am! It's going to be a few months out though. When I first started Flowers and Bouquets, it took me three months to get all the pages together on a timeline, and that didn't include editing! Alas, having good employment is a fickle bitch.
Meet page Bob!
Bobtail squid. Or, as I like to call them on my deck sheets, Bob squids.
Ironically harder to doodle animals. I'm sure it'll evolve.

Amidst all the coloring book announcement craziness the Pink Shrimp season finally got going, and I've been back to work in Newport and Charleston. If seas are calm, and work it light, lots of doodling happens. If it's sloshy and rude out, I tend to read more. The last week had both.
Tidbit: New reading.
I started reading Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory on a whim. One of those ebooks that are recommended after finishing a book.
The central message is that even a busy person can find at least ten minutes a day to create. His creative style, erratic, but I like what he's getting at. Draw every day. Roger.
He's got a lot of stuff in there I scoffed at. Then I tried it. Drawing JUST the outline of all the images and then filling it in. Brain learning dysfunctions. Buut, I guess it's good for brain stretching...or something.  I could tell it was tapping into something because I became irrationally and royally ticked off at a book. 
I mean, it was sassing me, honestly.
Anyway, I've never liked drawing what was in front of me. I was uptight, I guess. Well, I learned I'm still suuuuper uptight. Just.... I used to be. lol My art teacher in High school knew.

I hope everyone had a marvelous Memorial weekend
and always,
Happy Tidbitting

Friday, May 26, 2017

"hiked" And a fish.

Whoa, blogging from the sea. Well kind of. We're hold up in Charleston, OR for the night so it's more like house boat blogging.
Got a ride to my car in Newport and pulled over at Devil's Churn for a quick tourist nature walk.

Buut now back to work. 
The main project I'm working on now is a sweet sweatshirt logo and graphic. But alas, I need the computer. Sooo more Color pages!! That is, when I'm not chucking up my lunch cause it's been almost three months of free time. Hhooops. 
Tidbit o fish:

Happy tidbitting!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Color Adult Coloring Flowers and Bouquets is Here!!!

MEGA Tidbit!
 My first coloring book! The wicked long road is over. Started back in August of 2016 as a coloring challenge, in amongst work, and life, excitement, and angst. I bring you: COLOR Adult Coloring Flowers and Bouquets by ME!
All images were drawn and edited by me including the front and back page. I set out with a marker and some Canson Mixed Media 9x12 paper.

My final proof and first set of coloring books has arrived! They came early and I am suuuper stoked.
Yesterday I got my first round out to the the scorching weather. In all the backyard upheaval, the deck is now placed firmly in the afternoon shade. Accidental win!
And the formal announcement. It's available!
Where to find it?
1. (where it was born) (I find this easier on Chrome)
 On the Right of the screen, click the drop down menu and select store. Then type in my name and it'll take you....
Select Store, type in Morgan Golding

Listed as 12.00
2. Type my name into Search and blam-O! 
If you're a Prime member, you can get free shipping with this product!
3. Order through me is still to come. I'm not that fancy yet. In the mean time just use one of these super easy platforms!
Enjoy! I'm off to a lady date. Share and have a great sunny afternoon!


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Coloring Book Progress & Spanish Lav jelly

Weed: Herb Robert
A geranium spp
Was all over the property, so I googled it. 

 Oh man, how does two weeks pass when you're not working. Getting back into the Blog thing might be harder than expected.
That's right, still no boats. I'm working towards almost three months boat free. It's crazy. So I've been crafting, and planting, and killing time like a boss.

Tidbit: Coloring Book Update
It's almost here!!!
So most of the knowledge about this has passed through my IG over the last few weeks. Last week the first proof of my first coloring book arrived! Since this was my first full body slam at using I wasn't sure how it'd go. My first try, everything uploaded easy and the formatting was approved.  It was all going well. 

Matte Cover Proof 1 "Well"
Since I collect and correct data for a living, the sticky-note disease 
transferred to my project. It didn't stand a chance.

Round two into formatting, not as easy, not as pleasant, and I was sneaking up on rage when the final edit, the fourth a few days ago, was finally accepted!!! Microsoft word and I were having words. But it was like freaking Christmas when the Email came through.
 Hashtag StressSuccess

I receive my final Proof and finished copy by next Friday! They will be $12.00 and will be super easy to get a hold of once available. SO Stoked. Fish might be next. Who's to say?
My mini promotion of my coloring book through IG has already spawned a fun graphics project and sewing brain child project. RIGHT!?

Tidbit of Food: Spanish Lavender Jelly

One of my favorites has a delightful Lavender bush, going to town, in her front yard. Since the violet jelly was so easy and fun I did a full experimental jelly recipe, all me!

2Cups Spanish Lavender
Steeped in 
2Cups of water
4Cups of Sugar
1/4Cup Lemon Juice
1pkg liquid pectin (3oz)
Hot water bath Canner

I steeped the lavender for ~45min, (until it was cool really), strained it, and put it in the refrigerator for the next day. (It was laaate).
Got the beast canner started, and 8, 4oz jars prepped, clean and heated, in the dish washer. 

Added the tea, sugar, and lemon juice into a pan to boil. Stirring until I couldn't keep the boil down, then added the liquid pectin. Boiled it for another two minutes. I took it off the heat and went to town filling jars. Hot water bathed for 10 minutes. (we're at a low elevation)

Spanish Lavender Via Sara

Freaking ADORABLE jelly jars.

Until Next week! Or something more interesting happens. Shrimp Fleet might finally be taking the plunge.

Happy Tidbitting!