Friday, August 29, 2014

From Boat too Bay too Stoop.

Good day 

Meet Mr. Octopus. He and I met on the 15th. We became long lost friends before he had to get back to his dark rock, at 70ish fathoms, to nap.
Tidbit: A day at Sunset Bay

This month I actually got some field drawing in. I need to force that more often. I'm so lazy though. I also discovered that the 360 degree option on my camera has a 120 degree suboption. Meet the left 120 degrees of Sunset bay in Charleston.

Part of my problems with field drawing is 'what do i freaking draw that's simple enough for me not to hang?'
This time, I just picked things and went for it. Que feather, flock of devil birds, and some anemones.
Drawing birds while they're in flock-mode is now officially the only way I can fathom to start sketching birds. They're  twitchy, but more then 5 and you'll find a different bird in the exact same position as the original. 

Secondly, I'm not really a landscape girl. But since I was tidepool deep, I figured why not go for the gold. Distance between objects left something to be desired. I guess that falls under practice.

 Tidbit: Experimentation
I saw a pic on the interweb and thought...drawing? Tattoo? Who knows. Yesterday's destractifications.

 And below is from today. I am over "Summer". Therefore, in my world I have declared it October. I'm pretty sure forest rolled his eyes over the phone at yesterday's decleration.
  Yesterday and today I concocted pumpkin spice coffee. Today I cleaned a corner in my living room to put up a fallish-halloweeny quilt and therefore had to dig/move/touch every piece of art supply that was in my way. Pastels (which I never know what i'm doing with) met a lovely pad of black Strathmore Artagain drawing paper which I've likely owned for 2 years and not tapped yet. I have an art hoarding condition.

Random Aside:
 Before I met Mr. octopus, there was a lovely sunset. What up. No filter. One of my favorite aspects to this job.

A juvenile YellowEye Rocfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) which I was equally super excited and sad to see. They are under the overfished category. But they're gorgeous fish. As babies they're bright red and orange and slowly change to bright yellow as they age, loosing their stripes and darkness in their fins. Almost all the rockfish species in our area don't have major changes in there physical markings like loosing stripes from juvi to adult sizes.
I might have gotten a little fancy with
TidBite: Hurray for scarf completion! My newest  favorite accessory. (which isn't much of a list)
...for a photo, it oddly looked best against my nasty cement steps. Yay grey. I guess.

Photo Bomb Post! 
Happy Tidbitting

Thursday, July 31, 2014

TidBite of Yarn

As intended. 
A TidBite of Yarn.

A few months (probably quite a few months now) I discovered the honeycomb knit pattern. I've perchance become obsessed since them. To claim that I purely read the pattern and whipped it out, and didn't watch every possible youtube video known to humanity to figure out said pattern, might be considered a lie. Really, I can't read. That is... I can't read Knitting patterns. The acronyms make me want to forcibly throw things.
Insert If you knit, you likely already know about this gem. I believe a friend of mine ran across the rainbow comb on the Pinterest where I first became infatuated. Know that this friend eats advanced patterns for breakfast. The glorious rainbow was tracked to Ravelry where I let the cosmos know that I needed to have a rainbow honeycomb...thing.
The pattern is for a baby blanket. Usually there is a red flag there. In this case the word "Blanket"(aka creation never to be finished ever.Never never ever.) But honestly, I didn't really care. The rainbow spoke to me. It told me to go to the yarn store immediately and spend an absurd amount of money on every color of it's existence. Obviously I couldn't refuse.

Epic personal recreation below.
I know! 
The pattern is so easy once you memorize it. Which takes exactly 4 combs to do. Cakesauce.
Apparently I'm not one of those people who hates changing colors every 30 seconds. It's what kept me going. Especially after the dumb amount of blues and purples that i bought. WHICH I LOVE.

Anyway, it's not done. It's fate is to become a bag. A relatively large bag. I intend to line the beast with fabric to give it some body then sport it. Boom. This could take another  year or two. No rush. 
TidBite. -deep breath-
But I heart the pattern so much, partially due to it's semi monotonousness and partially because it looks freaking hard and isn't! 
Therefore I obviously needed a scarf too. 
TidBite 2: Infinity scarf.
I started this at the beginning of the month. Really i'm almost done! (Which is insane.) In between work, there was a Star Trek Voyager marathon going on. The, um, predictability of the show (which was still epic) enabled me to multitask with extreme ease.
The blue is a touch misleading to the variegation in the ball. It's more of a grey, brick, purple, lime, chartreuse colored ball. With some random ass turquoise snuck in. It's going to be a round, endless scarf OR infinity as the young kids call it. I've got a friend who gave me yarn to knit her an infinity scarf. I'm thinking honeycomb. So the cats out of the bag on that one lindsey. heh

Also during my epic voyage through Voyager I finished my TidBite of Dresser!

I Know! It all very exciting and promising.

 I Loves it So Much! For those just tuning in. Yes, that's algae you see there silhouetted all over a dresser.

 The lighting in my house has left something to be desired. But I have my Tv stand back. Rather, my entire house. The kitchen is kitchen sized again as is my floor, floor sized. The chaos the lack of tv stand had created was starting to cause a serious twitch in my soul.

Until the Tid-verse returns I leave you with a recently ID'd "Squat Lobster".
Mr. Pinch Bug
I like that name better anyway.

Happy Tidbitting

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Steps in the Evolution of the Tid-verse

Oh July...

I noticed that it's been three months. Truthfully it's been in the back of my mind that I've not been meeting the goals of this blog for awhile. Had I gone on a hiatus of the goal or just simply fallen off the train? This month I've pondered that perhaps this blog is no longer meeting my goals. This revelation has come to attention while in the throws of my artistically cyclical behavior. I now know that it's time to refresh and the blog, it's goals and the ideals I have for it.
But how? I suck at all  this recreation crap.

While drawing more pen flowers this spring,

I found myself less inclined to revert back to zendoodling while feeling the bumpy road. Basically I was getting bored of the zendoodle. Not to say it doesn't have a purpose or a time and a place. But it's been time to move beyond simple little drawing I can do super quick just so I have something to post on this blog. As that was the original point of the blog, I came in mild conflict. Although it wasn't something tangible just yet.

Then I started large more labor intensive and challenging projects. The kind that tends to get me in serious ruts because of the challenge or the laborious amount of time to finish, effectively throwing me off the wagon. Without an inflicted deadline, I am very unreliable. Also, a flower in 15 minutes is gratifying. Quick high.
 Repainting a piece of furniture with layers of drying and designing a graphic to paint on it is so much more of a task and therefore rut inducing. OR starting a painting on a Large canvas and getting stuck because i was able to draw the creature once but not a second time because What If I screw it up the second time. OR starting a large knit project (all knit projects are large to me. I am slow.) I am lazy. It's very aggravating.

For example, when you naturally get an A-, it's much harder to strive for the A+. After all, i already got a top score and praise. (The story of my life in one analogy. Personally? Unimpressed.) However, when a project is in half done phases, I am unwilling to show my work. So when i fail to finish, I then feel like I've wasted even more time (blog or no blog). One of my many cyclical issues.

The point!
My conclusion was that I hadn't fallen off any wagon. I'd just gotten the wagon stuck in a ditch. A deep one full of colorful projects. I didn't fall off jack.
Since I wanted to take on excitingly scary, Large projects I needn't abandon the blog. But adapt the blog.
With over 1 hour of determining a new title for this new layering of the Tid-verse. (Terms including Persnickety, Titanic and Labyrinth, all in for for follow-up interviews.) The fellow with the new job: The TidBite. As the Tid-verse is in a state of flux and evolution, I didn't want to get to carried away just yet.
TidBite of dresser:
This week is my Ode to the Large furniture project:

Step 1: Getting all the crap out and sanding the beast.
The filthy white and lavender dresser of my high school days. In North Bend it has been my TV stand and constant eyesore. It matches nothing, including the would-be "white" walls. It was lovely once. No longer.

Step 2: Picking out paint chips...then actually buying them. It's crazy.
Ehem: Balmy Night and European Linen for the interior and silhouettes. 

On Pinterest (heh)  I saw a lovely dresser with a giant plant silhouette painted on the front. I thought it was genius and beautiful. AND not outside the realms of impossible. (Challenge excepted)
Enter nerd angle.
Step 3: Algae. The Tidbits in the TidBite

 I don't do crap the easy way. I have no idea why. Nor can I give myself a break. It's infuriating.
Fucus: A brown Algae who resides in the desiccated upper intertidal zone. 

 So I found a lovely silhouetted algal print (which was the first bit of cheating I allowed myself) and slapped a one inch grid on it, blewdrew up my grid to 300% and proceeded to draw me up some algae. I was going to just do one.  I liked them both. So in the spirit of biting off more then I can chew, I went full throttle per usual.

After cutting them out with an x-acto blade (which was more the a little gut wrenching), I taped them to the dresser. Also known as step 4.

Now comes the TidBite factor.
 I'm not done.

 BUT all the algae hullabaloo went down in the last week giving me hope, as it was the rut inducing step.

The final steps include tracing my drawing onto the beast which lies smack in the middle of EVERYTHING in my house and then paint in the lines. Both activities falling under the old category of cheating, which i am beginning to relax. Age, enlightenment or inter-dementional mermaids? No matter the cause, I seem to be less hard on myself. Perfection tends to lead me to ruts. Eh.

Next entry: A TidBite of Yarn. Perhaps I'll have an update on the dresser. No promises, since a TidBite allows for more timetable leniency.
I leave you with this Nudibranch.
Happy Tidbitting.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Watercolor is for flowers, spring is for motion.

April has sprung.
 The last two weeks looked at me, blinked and flit away. I find this to be an unfortunate pattern of this job. Or maybe it's just the world indicating that I'm an adult and this is how time actually passes. (dislike)
I love being at sea, but when it eats so many consecutive days, you feel like you've not been gone at all, yet time has moved on, blatantly. More flowers are blooming and dying. I'm pretty sure the yard maintenance crew visits my house more often then I do. The months slip away. It's April. What the hell.

BUT on the April flip side, I get to plant my hoarded seeds (which a friend accidentally reminded me of yesterday while steaming in)! When I plant things, leave then come back to sprouts, it's probably one of my favorite bits of being gone. For example, today I noticed that a potted plant was Not dead (sprout!), and that my gladiolas from last year are alive!!!! and three inches tall.
Small victories.

Any who...
I've been on the tidbit train but not having an SD card slot on my computer is a blog killer.
SO to my excitement, when my new weatherproof YELLOW camera arrived, I noticed it came with a delightful bit of app convenience. The beast has WiFi. Oh glorious day.

I've started a new contract! New boats, new fishing efforts and therefore new species!
Meet yander hatchetfish on the left, and mr. pacific tomcod on the right.
The part of my job I love. New things.
Tidbits: Let the pen-bits continue!
 Pen sketch technique applied, real life attempt, uno.
My first attempt at "squiggle pines". I received a compliment from a woman standing behind me. She must have thought I was touched in the head in the hour preceding. Her compliment came from surprise when she realized I was scribbling the trees in the distance. Proof that they looked like trees. Success.
(Yes it might have taken an hour to draw pen trees in one corner of a 9x12 but
I was attempting to cheer.)
 In the brief but dense time that was the last two weeks, I watched a soccer game in a huge field of halflings. They call them 8 year olds. So just imagine little kids scurrying around in maroon and black uniforms in the lower blank space.  Also, while I fear children and their encroachment on my life via friends and all social medias, I realized that I missed being out at sports events. To my list of supposedly misplaced phobias, add: interest in being a soccer mom.      

Pen "techniques" attempt two, on a group of watercolor cards. With watercolor overlay.
Tonight I got my watercolor on. Hard. Not saturating everything in bright color negating dimension, is Hard.
 Mer fav is the lower left tulip. I don't know how I feel about the tree thing, before and after paint. Trees are hard. They have lots of pieces and dimension. rude.
 I visited my local botanical gardens earlier in the month. I learned a lesson attempting some quick flower sketches. Apparently I'm old and crouching in order to stay dry for the time I need to draw a tulip, it's boarder line life ending. As though my tendons and ligaments in my legs all seized at once. Grace failed me the following 10 minutes. Now I know why middle aged ladies sit in camp chairs while sketching their majestic fields. (I've seen this. It's real.)

Subject change!
New purchase: "Identify and Paint Butterflies: A field guild for the artist and naturalist"
I don't usually buy art books. But it seems I've been on a roll.
It's like the book went into my mind and steered me to the crap book table in Walmart. You know, the table where concerning compilations of Justine Bieber, cookbooks and bibles go to die. And there it was all askew and alone. I'm pretty sure it called to me. Well, now it's adopted and lives in my home. butterflies!

Finally, and completely unrelated to everything.
 I also bought a freaking Hula Hoop of green spangly GLORY.

Happy Tidbitting,
Hula hoop on my people, hula hoop on.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring flowers and Paint-by-numbers

Happy Pi day.
At the end of last week I went on a movie marathon spree. (I've been sick for the month of March.) The spree started with Harry Potter and ended with the Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Rings led me to this (red painty squiggles below). It's an ink doodle, with colored-in acrylic. I have new respect for the people who complete actual 'paint by numbers' kits. I always scoffed at them. Not to mention those horrible brushes. It wasn't real painting. But what do I really know about what's 'real'.  Now they mostly remind me of my architecture class from high school. Confined. Something that I don't hate, but it makes me a smidge Itchy.
Painting in the lines is on a different plane of tedium, that of which I typically avoid.
That being said:
Tidbit 1: 
 I stare at water a lot. Yet staring at CG fire made me end up drawing a semi likeness to light reflection on water. Kind of.
Tidbit 2: Pen sketching some yard flowers
I recently purchased a pen and ink book. A review is still in development. But I figured I'd just do some free sketching. I'm still attempting to loosen up. Let alone applying techniques. Anyway, afterwards I went back and flipped through the technique pages of this book. Patients to not literally squiggle, but to make succinct marks...that's going to take some more conscious effort.
However, thus far, my opinion of Drawing in Pen and Ink by Claudia Nice is a positive one.
 Meet my yard. 
Happy Tidbitting

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Acrylic and pen and winddddd

Yesterday was gorgeous. Forest and I made a fire in the back yard. There wasn't any wind to speak of. It was, overall, a lovely day. 
Today, there is a storm outside trying to blow flat my house. My poor wind chime is being mercilessly pulled apart.
AND SO, I put on Harry Potter and found some time to finish up or just not know when to stop, this:
There is nothing.
 Or is there?
Happy Tidbitting!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

New things: material and scientific.

This week.
Whoa.              (prepare for lots of aimless talking)

Last weekend, I was at sea. It was quite pleasant for being the end of February.
BEHOLD: shrimp
Even though we got to the dock at 0550...ten minutes before offload and ANOTHER 7 hours of work(Sleep is for the weak) the Sunrise was beautiful!
After the delight of a sleepless (2hours is more like a nap then sleep) night and exceptionally long offload, I drove home and attempted a few chores then headed north straight away in Forest's diesel Beast.
Reason? I and the lovely Chandra got work off to attend the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. (Biggest fish nerd-out of my life!)

Oh. But wait.
In the obscenely short hours between dawn and heading to Eugene, from Salem, with Chandra at noon...I went all Adult.

I consider this three steps (Very Large steps) diagonal from babies, one step back from marriage, two steps left of a mortgage and one step right of college loans.  ((Note: this is Not a hint OR implication that these things are occurring. So whoa there.))
I bought a new car from a dealership!
 Of course by 'new' I mean used (counting dead fish doesn't pay that well). I am now the proud owner of a white '08 Jeep Patriot. Apparently my deeply imbedded fear of the 'Credit-God' is  working itself out.
Luckily my best friend is a very tolerant lady when it comes to her friends. She finished her appointment in Salem about 10 minutes after the revelation of buying a car came to light. I tend to have amazing timing like that. The poor thing had to wait while we finished. Making us late LAAATE.

I was so buzzed from getting onto shore, offloading, driving north, and then buying a car that it took almost the entire conference for me to believe that I'd actually bought a vehicle. I literally bought it, drove it (a quarter mile away) left it with forest and his parents and peaced-out south with Chandra. Who does that?!  The prospect of driving around a brand new vehicle in Eugene where I have NO idea where I'm going ever... Sounded horrifying. (And I go to sea for a living) So yes, I literally bought and ditched this vehicle in the course of 3 hours, not to see it for another two days.
 However, since Friday afternoon I've put about 400 miles on it. 'cause I'm cool like that.

BUT back to the Science! Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society It was the 50th anniversary of the Oregon chapter. Random, but awesome. (Free coffee cup!)  I got to be involved in a 'student/mentor' "speed dating" type ensemble that kicked off Chandra and my stay. It caused me to experience one of those brief moments in my college career where I distinctly feel backhanded by the Biology department of OSU. 'Fish and Wildlife' where have you people been all my life!
Between the networking availability, the bazillion talks, the food, the inexhaustible coffee and drunken scientist tomfoolery, this was one of the best fish related vacations I have ever taken. 
So awesome, that I must do it again. Next year the National AFS meeting will be held in Oregon. I officially have a formal appointment in 2015, and will not be available August 16-20th.

For the first time in the history of my observer job, whenever some learned of my employment (who wasn't another observer), there was a series of questions and abounding interest. Not confusion over why anyone would ever want to deal with dead fish and Fishman. Talk about refreshing. Even WITH this job, I never in a million years thought I'd have anything to contribute in these conversations. What up world, your move.

AND BOOM 7 days passed.

I appreciate your love if you read all that. It all boggles my brain still.
I shall leave you with: an educational
Saturday, after I failed to buy more car keys, I went to the art store and bought shiny things instead. The link takes you to amazon and you can look inside for yourself.
Since I've adopted pen art, I thought maybe I could look into some technical whatnots. I'm also always pro-supporting a local art supplies shop.
Drawing in Pen and Ink by Claudia Nice
Happy Tidbitting!